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We are proud to have a team of mentors who understand the importance of creating a positive environment for our girls. With us, you get a tailored program and a safe environment where you girls can easily and safely communicate with mentors and their friends. Our multi-disciplinary team are experienced in different areas and will help each girl to conquer whatever goals they have.


We offer empowerment workshops, community involvement, individual goal setting, entrepreneurship launching and many services from our motivated and highly knowledgeable team. Utilising empowering strategies for all of our girls will enable them to be our positive future. We can provide positive for outlooks for different things girl encounter and how to be there for one another as sisterhood friends. We are also equipped to handle the family as we help our girls improve themselves. Our aim is to help our girls to grow and to be Dependable, Attentive, Trustworthy and sisterly.

Our Board Members

Jasmine Johnson; President/Founder Anyla Hureskin; Founder Brittany Armstrong; Vice President Antoinette Johnson; Secretary Tiffany Washington; Treasurer Aisha Thompson; Mentor Liasion Marquesha Wright-Thompson; Planning Council Chair Jalissa Johnson; Board Member Shannon Smith; Board Member Ketorra Burch; Board Member


We are excited to have qualified mentors that are the HEART of the friendship.


Jasmine Johnson and her daughter Anyla Hureskin I am a mother of 4 beautiful children. Anyla is the oldest. She is a student in Walker Elementary Magnet Program. We attend church, very big on family and supporting one another is vital to us. HOW DATS FRIENDSHIP INCORPORATED STARTED: One day I (Jasmine) received a call from my sister stating that a mutual friend posted on social media that she has one daughter and her daughter has no friends, she would like to take her daughter on a playdate should anyone volunteer for their daughters to go along. My sister thought it would be a great idea for my daughter Anyla to attend and I allowed her. When she returned home, she was tremendously happy that she had met three extra friends. They got their nails polished, went skating and to a restaurant for dinner. For the next few weeks I started thinking with the world we live in today, their trust is lost and parents do not allow their children to have playdates, sleepover etc. with other parents and the children are now “friendless”.  Therefore, I decided to start a playdate with different kids but was not sure how to go about it. I spoke with family and my mother Antoinette Johnson said maybe you should make it a nonprofit business and that day forward we started working on making D.A.T.S Friendship come to life.

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Every 2nd Saturday the girls participate in a workshop to empower them to be sisters and to be friends

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We go out on Playdates every 4th Satutday. Community Outreach, outings for fun and much more


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